After their debut single ‘Thrown To The Floor’ received huge amounts of love last year, the VALA boys have just released their second single ‘Mirror’ which is set to do the same and more. The quartet are throwing themselves into the already thriving music scene in Manchester, and by the looks of it are soon be making waves in the industry.

The track itself relays the lads infectious energy right from the start; the addictive riffs, raw drums and pounding bass, bound together by Joe Knowles’ swirling vocals and perfect harmonies, not to mention the stunning lyrical work, creates an anthemic track to get crowds going wild. The chorus, and in particular the mahoosive drop in the middle of the song, is one of those moments that lets us imagine how it will play out to audiences across the globe, and with that thought in mind, we can’t help but feel a little greedy and are left wanting more from VALA. 

The music video shot across the streets of Salford, with contrasting shots from their hometown of Blackpool beach, creates their own kind of vibe that we want to be a part of. The dark blue shots match up perfectly with the lads aesthetic, making it clear that this is a band that are planning to go all the way, and it certainly looks like they’re on their way to doing so. 

With live dates coming in the very near future, we here at GIGsoup can’t wait to see a piece of the action and jump on VALA’s journey to the top.


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