Upstart UK Artist Callum Shares New Hypnotic Track ‘Sirens’

Producing those full of life, laid-back beats, Callum is one of the latest acts to join the young British rappers who are perfecting their craft, and we’re here for it. 

With inspiration often stemming  from a battle to grow through the cracks of London’s concrete battlefield, new arrival Callum takes a different approach. Hailing from the peaceful, middle-class town of St. Albans where the streets are lined with dog-walkers and quaint coffee shops, Callum aptly gives a glimpse into how pursuing a typically ‘urban’ music production can isolate you. 

Influenced by the likes of Mac Miller, Loyle Carner and Isaiah Rashad, Callum’s latest track ‘Sirens’ demonstrates the power-combo of tranquil beats and real-life relatable lyrics. 

Callum on what inspired him to write ‘Sirens’:

“The song was named ‘Sirens’ due to the creatures from Greek Mythology whose angelic voices would distract sailors and lead them to death by shipwreck.

There have been times in the last year where lust has distracted me from my goals and certain women had tried to lead me astray. I basically wanted to make a song to say, “stay close to the people who ride with you and who want to be with you all the way”. It’s not just lust for women but lust for money that can act as a Siren. The Siren ultimately is the lust for more, the idea that more is better even though what you really have should be all the fulfilment you need. This gave me inspiration for the music video to be filmed with my closest friends”.