upsidedownhead Releases ‘complex’ EP

As this year began to close, enigmatic Australian producer upsidedownhead, aka Ross James, emerged from the shadows. He released two tracks of warped, pulsating electronica that eventually came into our stream of conscious. The ominous ‘get low and the thumping ‘my cave‘ were a tantalising glimpse into his dark world.

Now, he has blown his world wide open with the release of his debut EP ‘complex’, a collection of songs that bring his vision into full view. The EP is a satisfying mix of the analogue and the digital, with tracks like ‘future loser’ applying upsidedownhead’s twisted electronic approach to R&B.

James has described the EP as songs thatinvolve him ‘having a conversation with himself’, on the strength of this, it’s a conversation that more will want to join soon.