A critically-acclaimed opera singer from Baku, Azerbaijan, Emin Eminzada is building an equally exciting pop music career. In advance of his debut EP release, Eminzada has dropped the first single, “Treaure Me,” today. The song not only offers some sexy, frank pillow talk, it’s a dance track influenced by smooth ‘80s pop and contemporary R&B. The video will be released on the same day. “Treasure Me” is #1 on eastern European charts already.

“My last single was a power ballad that represented a transitional time in my career, when I started to become better known around the world, especially in America, for my contemporary music. “Treasure Me” is a different kind of message,” Eminzada said, smiling. “It’s really about wanting so desperately to be both loved and desired. I think the lyrics are pretty clear!”

I need emotions in my life
And also passion in my life
I want to sweat sweat from the pleasure.
I wanna break my bed with you

“I’m always taking inspiration from the great pop songs from the ‘80s and ‘90s. They were great for dancing and remixing in so many ways. I also like the sensuality of R&B. “Treasure Me” combines all those things so it’s a really accessible track.” Eminzada wrote both the lyrics and music. The track was produced and mixed by Joseph Genetti. NMTC did the mastering.

“Life is a lot about playing different characters in accordance with your environment. Although we might seem to be ourselves in all of those different conditions, we are usually limited by the rules of the various games we are playing. This served as the main inspiration for the script,” said Eminzada about the music video. “We expressed everything through a specific virtual reality game concept. Through the game, the protagonist strives to connect to the subject of his desires, who might even turn out to be his true self.” Azerbaijan-based Habil Kuliyev directed the video, and Orkhan Abbasoff, from France, was the Director of Photography.
By the age of 15, Eminzada was winning prestigious classical music awards, including the “Golden Microphone” in Kazakhstan, the “Elia Catalano” in Italy, and the “Opus 2012” in Spain. In 2012, he sang with famous Italian singer Robertino Loreti during his concert in Baku. He was awarded a scholarship to create music from Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev. Eminzada’s first single, “Behind the Curtain” was co-written by Grammy-winning Carla Carter with Grammy nominee Drew “Druski” Scott (who also produced).
“Treasure Me” is available at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and other online retailers.
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