Trapped Animal Records announce Oscuro remix of Kerry Devine’s Ariel

To mark the one year anniversary of the label’s very first album release, ‘Away From Mountains’ by Kerry Devine; Trapped Animal Records is proud to present Oscuro’s deep and urgent electronic reworking of her 2018 single, Ariel.

Oscuro’s remix of Ariel gives parallel life to the original composition. Exquisitely executed, the remix has resulted in a slick, deep, soulful production, with the addition of new instrumentation and digitisation of Kerry’s stunning original vocal.

Oscuro says about the track: “… With this remix I really wanted to create an engaging sonic backdrop to support the vocal, I am always interested in the relationship between vocals and music and like to explore different ways to enhance the meaning of the lyrics with sound choice and processing. I also wanted to build on some of the ambient/drone inspired sounds in the original which I really liked…”

Ariel (Oscuro Remix) is out on Friday 14 June with Cargo Records and Trapped Animal Records.