Tony Sergi – “Love To Give

Tony Sergi’s music is emotional and heartfelt. Allowing his voice to take centre stage as he beautifully articulates the end of a loving relationship, “Love To Give” is a candid reflection on heartache.

Filled with rolling drum patterns and soft guitar driven melodies, Tony’s voice takes centre stage. Steeped in emotion, his vocals soar across the musical landscape as he desperately seeks for reassurance and companionship from a long term partner.  

“‘Love To Give’ is about the relationship that you both know needs to end but are still in for the sake of it “, he explains. “You both know it needs to end for the better. There is Love to Give but it’s for someone else”. 

Sharing the stage with the likes of Jimmy Barnes, Justice Crew, Mark Vincent and Bonnie Anderson, Tony also opened shows for Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran during their Sydney showcase – proving his irresistible live presence.

Tune into the new video below.