Tommy Down is a London based soul artist who has one of the strongest vocals we’ve heard this year. Its performance is met with soaring guitar lines and staccato hammond organ which leaves room for Tommy’s dancing melodies.

Discussing the release, Tommy explains:

“Liquid love was primarily written about someone you’re seeing, who only really likes you when they’re under the influence. I wouldn’t like to pigeon hole it as just that though, as at its core it’s really about addiction and breaking free of it. Whether you’re addicted to a toxic person or a form of substance abuse; “Liquid love ” could mean many different things, for many different people.”

Tommy spent some time studying in Bristol, and even toured Europe performing jazz standards in an orchestra, which is perhaps why his music is so well matured. We can’t wait to hear what Tommy has up his sleeve for his next release, so make sure you stay tuned – but for now, check out ‘Liquid Love’ here.

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