Tom Featherstone releases Young

Sheffield based Tom Featherstone will release his newest track at the end of February 2020, making it one of three releases in recent months. The originally South-London based artist who now performs shows on the regular circuit in and around the South-Yorkshire city does so accompanied by his very capable band entourage. 

With the addition of some new band members, including Tom Longshaw whos provides the silky saxophone lines heard throughout Featherstones music, he introduces a new dimension to his sound not previously heard on his records. With the introduction of Tom’s new producer Nicholas Alexander combined with his all new band Tom Featherstone is giving his sound an all new revamp for 2020.

The first track of this staggered single release ‘Young’ is an instant crowd pleaser with several sing along hooks embedded throughout. The sentimental message that is featureed throughout this piece of music is one of enjoying the moment, while not being too worried about career prospects or relationship goals and learning to appreciate the current:

“It’s a song reflecting on all the added responsibility and expectation we start to throw on ourselves as we grow up realising that we’re expecting so much more from ourselves than we do from others. 

A song allowing me to give myself a break, enjoy what’s in front of me, not fixating on needing everything to work itself out yet in regards to career, relationships and all the other aspects of life we can get caught up on.”