Tiny Moving Parts Announce New two-song 7”, release new single.

Emo-revivalists, Tiny Moving Parts have announced the relapse of a new, limited release 7” , with single ‘For the Sake of Brevity’. The 7” is rounded out by track ‘Fish Bowl’. While this may be the first time that fans have heard these songs; they’re far from new to the band, as frontman Dylan Mattheisen explains:

“For The Sake Of Brevity was one of the first songs we ever wrote. I remember being 18 in the basement making that song, and playing it at every house show. It was the first song where I remember people screaming the words back at us live. I’m very happy we re-recorded it and are bringing it back in our set.

“Fish Bowl is about being stuck in one place, and desperately wanting to get out. I found it entertaining – being compared to a goldfish stuck in a fish bowl. We’re thrilled how this jam turned out – It’s a fun one!”

UK fans can expect to hear the new tracks when Tiny Moving Parts return to play Slam Dunk Festival on the following dates:

May 25: Leeds

May 26: Hatfield