THUMPER release video for upcoming single ‘Down’

Noise­pop quintet THUMPER return with new single ‘Down’, produced by Dan Fox of Girl Band. ‘Down’ is a swaggering beast of a track. The lo-fi production draws the listener in with each hook and beat, and at the core is great songwriting – infectious bubblegum pop by way of ragged noise-soaked psych-rock. Whether the 7 minute long version or the snippier radio edit, it’s a winner every single second and blasts the listener into a world where riffs and pop hooks exist together.

This past year has seen THUMPER top several Ones To Watch lists in Ireland and tour relentlessly headlining Hard Working Class Heroes, joining the likes of Fangclub and Otherkin on tour, and playing festivals all summer long such as Sea Sessions, Body & Soul, and Electric Picnic. With a reputation for raucous and frenzied live shows, and a penchant for howling feedback and pounding rhythm, each THUMPER performance is an exercise in unpredictability.

The band’s records masterfully capture the full-force energy of their live shows, and the result harnesses the best elements of psych, noise and pop. ‘Down’ is the second single (after AFL earlier in the year) to come from an EP the band is releasing in November, called “Out of Body Auto-Message”. Thumper is a band on the cusp of something, a breakthrough into the mainstream? If this track is anything to go by, Thumper are ready.