Thomston unveils heartfelt new single ‘2 Years’

New Zealand-born singer-songwriter and producer Thomston releases his emotive new single ‘2 Years’.

Beginning with the familiar hiss of a cassette tape, ‘2 Years’ sees Thomston cultivate a wistful R&B vibe inspired by the impending feeling of knowing your relationship is over.

“‘2 Years’ lives in the calm before the storm of a break-up, where the world feels a little monochromatic, bleak,” Thomston explains. “But you start to overthink how leaving could stain the entire relationship with those colours. all the best parts could be overshadowed by the negative, confrontational experiences at the end. weirdly, it’s a hopeful song about wanting to cling on to something that once made you feel truly happy.”

‘2 Years’ follows on from last month’s serving ‘Casual’, it’s B-side ‘Middle Name’, and ‘Deal’, all of which will feature on forthcoming double EP release, ‘En-Route: Los Angeles and London’, out 25th October.

Thomston noted, “My hope is that this will give a sense of structure and cohesion to this collection of songs written with a bunch of different people over the last 3 years.” In support of his upcoming project, he successfully completed a three-date Australian tour.

First emerging onto the scene in 2014 with an experimental EP he released for free, Thomston went onto hone in on his effortless songwriting talents. In 2016, he released his debut album ‘Topograph’, whichwas recorded over five cities in three continents, keeping the bedroom intimacy that he had delivered with his homegrown releases but on a larger scale.

Since then Thomston has achieved considerable levels of success that include 90 million streams – no mean feat for someone in his early 20s.

Drawing on Thomston’s signature sound, his new single ‘2 Years’ is yet another skillfully crafted R&B ballad from the talented New Zealander.