The Wise Bloods tackle moral hypocrisy and corruption on their latest single “New Blood”

South and North London reggae collective The Wise Bloods tackle moral hypocrisy and corruption on their latest single “New Blood”, breaking new ground with their proudly original flavour.

Drawing inspiration from contemporary soul and hip-hop, the five piece blend these styles into classic roots reggae to curate their own unique sound. Mixing a percussive rap style with candid, heartfelt lyricism, “New Blood” expresses a discontentment with the way social and political policies roll out around the world, dictated by the privileged elite.

“‘New Blood’ is a ‘roots rockers rebel anthem’ looks at the reasons and ways good people fall victim to the self-preserving interests of power”, lead singer Jesse James explains. 

“While expressing anger and sadness at how the world just seems to look past those suffering from injustice, this song identifies the deceptive and constraining devices of the powerful used as obstacles to our universal humanity… obstacles nonetheless, can be overcome…”

The music serves as a means to transcend their discontent – both in meaningful exploration of ideas and purely in the experience of creating the music itself.