The Strands Release ‘Yoney’

The Strands have just released the refreshing and energetic new track ‘Yoney’.

‘Yoney’ starts exactly how it means to go on with hard hitting vocals being delivered in impeccable style by lead vocalist Dean Herron.

One thing I did notice from my first listen was how I instantly connected with the rhythm section from the 3 piece group. It takes me back to the bands I used to listen to in the early to mid 2010s. Nevertheless, it also draws similarities with more recent bands like Blossoms and Circa Waves.

It boasts catchy melodies and jingling guitars throughout and the chorus hits home the bands message extremely clearly.

After the song had finished, I checked through the bands discography. I realised that the band are not shy when it comes to creating a great catchy banger. I was also hooked on ‘Combine’ and ‘Don’t Go Away’ and it is clear to see how the group got their signature guitar driven indie rock sound.

Apparently ‘Yoney’ is a cross between Young and Honey. To be honest, I love honey therefore I could not help but like that title. However, it is slightly different for a song title and I will be honest I did have to Google its meaning.

Well, this band are young and they have the honey here. I genuinely feel The Strands are onto something. As a result, I will not be surprised to see the group go from strength to strength over the next few months.

Overall the song left me itching to click replay. Also I did not know that I was missing anything in my life until now. I was missing The Strands and this track is becoming one of my new firm favourite songs of 2019.

Check it out for yourself, if you are into good indie rock then you will not be disappointed.

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