Canadian Pop/R&B singer JAAK releases energy-filled EP Entitled Pt. 2. This is the second installment to the story that began during Entitled Pt. 1, released in 2018. These six new songs give fans a closer look into JAAK’s artistic style and personality.

The EP’s electronic influence gives fans a beat they can move to while the lyrics give them something to connect to. The lyrics of “Think About It” give the music a sexy twist that can be fun and empowering for fans. JAAK carries the story forward, as the first EP addresses the end of a relationship, and this song captures the nervous feeling and hesitation to move on. JAAK lets fans know its okay to let inhibitions go and to love again, no matter what you’re afraid of.

When the beat drops in “Back it Up (You Don’t Know Me)”, you can’t help but move along with him. The EDM style beat is a perfect summer anthem charged with energy that can be blasted through the speakers. This EP features upbeat songs and encourages others to take chances and give love a try with the song “Don’t Lose Hope”. The boldness and unapologetic quality of the lyrics can resonate with fans trying to own who they are and who they love with no regrets.

Johnathan Edward Lambert (known professionally as JAAK) is a Canadian born singer/songwriter currently based in Toronto. At twenty-one, JAAK released his debut EP Entitled Pt. 1 and his debut music video for the track “Low Blow”. JAAK is a proud member of the LGBTQ communities and identifies as sexually fluid. This confidence is something that exudes from his musical style.