The Psychedelic Sounds of Kazyak Are Back

You might remember Minnesota’s Kazyak, whom we introduced you to last fall. They’ve already got another LP in the queue. Odyssey will see it’s release on the 16th of August. First single “Discover” brings to mind fond memories of Yoshimi-era Flaming Lips.

Odyssey is Kazyak’s most pioneering work yet, following the Happy Camping EP (2017) and the Reflection LP (2018). On the surface, Odyssey is extremely satisfying indie rock ear candy. Dig a little deeper and find intricate connections between lyrical, visual and aural elements. 

From guitarist/songwriter Peter Frey’s perspective, the album is “more rugged, forward-looking and psychedelic than our past releases. It’s the first record we’ve recorded live, and is channeling inspiration from Patagonia and themes from Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth. It attempts to capture the desire to explore and to take the listener to the edge of discovery.”

With Odyssey, Kazyak gives listeners plenty to explore.