The Persian Leaps announce upcoming anthology album Pop That Goes Crunch

Power-pop outfit The Persian Leaps announced the upcoming release of a full-length album titled Pop That Goes Crunch today. It’s a landmark release for the band, coming as an 18-song “best of” anthology and their first full-length release. With 17 remixed/remastered tracks, and one new single, it marks the end of an era, while celebrating and revisiting some of The Persian Leaps best work. Selections from the bands five EPs have been reworked, often with re-recorded sections, along with new mixing and mastering throughout. Pop That Goes Crunch is scheduled for release on October 12, 2018 via Land Ski Records.

Time Slips” is the only entirely new single on the release, providing a treat for fans as yet another gem to add to the collection of guitar-driven power-pop hits. The album provides a celebration of the band’s music, as they have turned out an EP every fall since 2013 in clockwork fashion. Vocalist and guitarist Drew Forsberg shared, “It’s the culmination of over five years as a full band and includes what I think is our best work (even better now, in some cases).”

Across the album, it’s clear that The Persian Leaps have perfected the art of crafting pop hooks, with a blend of fuzz guitar, layered vocals melodies, and driving beats. Their brand of power-pop, jangle rock, and indie rock will be relished by fans of bands such as Guided By Voices and The Smiths. In revisiting and reworking many of the tracks, vocalist Drew Forsberg sought to provide the creme de la creme of The Persian Leaps sound.

Forsberg worked to perfect every track to its polished and current version. The album’s title was inspired and used with permission from power-pop blog Forsberg explained, “When I first heard that phrase years ago, I fell in love with it and knew I wanted to use it for an album title someday. The phrase perfectly describes what a Persian Leaps song sounds like to me.” The majority of recording and mixing was done by Neil Weir of Blue Bell Knoll, who the band used for previous releases. Pop That Goes Crunch is scheduled for release on October 12, 2018 via Forsberg’s label Land Ski Records, and will be available in digital and physical CD format.

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The Persian Leaps” began as a phrase singer/guitarist Drew Forsberg doodled in a notebook margin during a college Greek Archaeology course. He wrote music independently under that name for years, until finally assembling a full band in 2012 to perform and record driving, chiming music influenced by The Smiths, Guided by Voices, and Teenage Fanclub.

The Persian Leaps have adhered to a disciplined schedule of concise releases: each fall bringing an EP of five songs totaling fifteen minutes or less. In 2013, the Persian Leaps released debut EP Praise Elephants, which NME Magazine described as a “celestial guitar jangle”. The band completed a follow-up EP Drive Drive Delay in 2014, praised by XS Noize for it’s “instantly catchy melodic harmonies layered on top of droning guitar.” In 2015, the band released High & Vibrate, an EP championed by The Big Takeover for its “big-time hooks, upbeat attitude, classic power-trio punch.” 2016 saw the release of Your City, Underwater, which earned a spot on The Big Takeover’s Top 30 EPs of 2016. In September of 2017, the band’s fifth EP Bicycle Face was delivered yet again to fan and critic praise. Named for a 19th-century medical condition concocted to scare women away from biking, Bicycle Face was described as a “perfect power pop cocktail” by 50thirdand3rd.

This year brings the band’s first full-length release titled, Pop That Goes Crunch, an 18-song “best of” anthology. With 17 remixed/remastered tracks, and one new single, it marks the end of an era, while celebrating and revisiting some of The Persian Leaps best work. It is scheduled for release on October 12, 2018.

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