The Peaceful Beauty of Joshua Howlett’s Autumnal EP

Over the last few months Joshua Howlett has been releasing tracks from his recently released Autumnal EP – a stunning and beautifully crafted work of musical intimacy.

The first release from the EP, a track entitled Dover, is perhaps an unlikely choice for a lead single. Almost 5 minutes in length, and slow to build, its not the most radio friendly of tracks. But if you give Joshua’s music a moment of patience, let it wash over you like just like the shores of his titular Dover, you begin to experience the brilliance of his songwriting. In the final minute of the track, with rising and overlapping voices, Dover soars to a crescendo that leaves goosebumps in its wake…

Accompanied by a video that combines amazing natural shots with impressive editing work its a song that may well be slow to enter your ear but, once its found its place, is equally slow in leaving (and that’s no bad thing!)

Since this first release, Joshua has been putting out further tracks, such as The Swell in which his guitar and voice are complimented by a tastefully produced kick drum and snare combo that adds a more gritty drive.

With a host of other tracks seeped in intricate lyricism and winding guitar work, Joshua Howlett’s Autumnal is now available on Spotify