The Outside Chancers release ‘The Cloud Bursts’

The Band Also Share UK Tour Dates

A collective, UK Country music powerhouse built from some incredibly talented musicians.. The Outside Chancers features players for Guy Fletcher, The Charlatans, The Vaccines, Goldie and Billy Ocean.

While a wealth of musical collaboration and live performance is enviable, it doesn’t beat the feeling of touring and performing with your own musical creation. This is the spark that lit the fuse, of The Outside Chancers.

Set to release their first single The Cloud Bursts on 14th June. Dripping with attitude and a raw foot-stomping quality, the track has already been championed by Baylen Leonard on his Front Porch show at the end of last year. Now to be released as an official single as the band head out for a summer of festival performances, The Cloud Bursts is set to be a popular anthem for country and Americana fans alike. 

“If we’re being unimaginative the song is just the weather forecast – whatever anyone makes of it’s probably right. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone! I had in mind this phrase that’s a curse in some cultures – ‘may you live in interesting times’. And I think we do. It’s probably about rising tensions, between two people or many people…” – Dan