The Hassan Assassin

The Hassan Assassin Brings The Party Vibe With ‘Come Over’

The Hassan Assassin is a rapper who hails from Missouri in the United States. He takes an unorthodox approach to his music, and he is leading the way for American rappers with his nail-biting rap quality.

His latest release ‘Come Over’ screams confidence with its charm. It has a college party theme, and it is the type of track you would expect to hear the moment you walk into a dorm party. But it provides plenty of summer party anthem quality too with its relatable lyrics and feelgood stance.

It all kicks off with a strong melody leading the path. It sounds similar to the greats in this genre. So much so, many may even mistake it for a ‘Drake’ or ‘Kanye’ track at first. However, Hassan soon takes us down his route with him staying well away from the status quo with a rap performance which remains genuine to himself. Also, the beat which opens is precious, and it has the power to move even the sternest of listeners.

Once we are into the nitty-gritty of the track, an eclectic range of sounds pop out with a synth lead driving the record forward with plenty of poise. The track gets bolder as it progresses and the chorus sections hit home in thumping fashion. However, I believe a little more variance in the vocal parts could have been even more influential, and a bit of backing harmony or yet the addition of another singer to add some more flavour could have worked wonders. Nevertheless, though it is an energetic hip hop track, it rivals some of the biggest chart-toppers we hear today.

You can take a listen to ‘Come Over’ by The Hassan Assassin below.