The Frampton Sisters release heartwarming single ‘Let Me Hold Your Hand’!

Indie folk duo The Frampton Sisters return with the release of their heartwarming new single Let Me Hold Your Hand, out now via Dharma Records.

Intimately acoustic, Let Me Hold Your Hand pulls at the heartstrings instantly. Sisters Freddie and Charlie Frampton’s haunting vocal soars effortlessly over the gentle plucks of the guitar strings, creating a sound that is both delicate and warm. Talking about the single, Freddie elaborates, “this song follows two people and their love story. Its about how through everything they’ve gained, and lost, they’ve always had each other, which is what is most important, because at the end of the day we’re all looking for that someone who’ll let us hold their hand.”

Catch The Frampton Sisters live next at their single launch on Wednesday, 5th February 2020 at The Slaughtered Lamb, London.

Stream Let Me Hold Your Hand on all platforms now.