We’ve all taken a chance with an avocado we likely shouldn’t have before. But I’m unsure I could speak of an avocado this hallucinogenic. Can avocados really elicit this kind of euphoria? If so, I’m going to ramp up my avocado intake! Or just listen to more of The Eyebrows.

This is a trio, based out of Charlotte, NC. Their debut LP, Volume, is out at the end of this month. It was produced by Mitch Easter and mastered by Greg Calbi. These are the kinds of names that prick up our ears. The quality of this band is exactly why those names get us excited. This is a special kind of garage-rock we’re not hearing enough of anymore.

Singer/Guitarist Jay Garrigan and drummist Shawn Lynch have played together for over eighteen years in several of Charlotte’s most dynamic rock bands, including both Poprocket and Temperance League. Many people think Jay and Shawn are brothers, not just because they look alike, but because they treat each other like brothers – always finishing each other’s jokes, or having the license to talk shit and simultaneously defend each other.

Jay and Shawn recruited longtime pal and punk rock aficionado Darrin Gray, also of It’s Snakes, to join The Eyebrows in April 2018 on bass. Darrin, Shawn and Jay have played together before in several one-off shows over the years, appearing at charity concerts or the occasional pool party, covering rock classics from David Bowie, The Kinks, Rolling Stones, Richard Hell, Television, and The Ramones.

Jay’s voice has been compared to a mix of Rob Halford, Freddie Mercury and Jeff Buckley, and he tends to write skewed, confessional rock/pop songs. His quirky, left-of-center lyrics and edgy, manic live shows helped win demo deals with major (RCA) and indie (Spectra Records) labels in previous bands.

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