THE DARLING FIRE Premiere New Video “Saints in Masquerade”

Indie rock band The Darling Fire have shared another song from their forthcoming debut album, Dark Celebration. Fans can check out new single and music video, “Saints In Masquerade,” which features cello by Gordon Withers. The video was directed by Ian Fursa, and filmed in conjuction with The Modern Historic and Jensen Beach Bowl. The song is also streaming now, here.

On “Saints In Masquerade,” lead singer Jolie Lindholm shares: “This song has a lot of meaning for me personally, based upon life experience and I tend to channel my frustrations into every live performance of ‘Saints’ for that reason. We all do.

About The Darling Fire:

Spartan Records proudly welcomed The Darling Fire to its esteemed and growing roster last year. The band is a mosaic of indie notoriety featuring Jolie Lindholm (vocals/guitar), Jeronimo Gomez on guitar, Steven Kleisath (drums), Gregg Moore (bass), and Matthew Short (guitar).

After years of individual success in some of the scene’s most beloved bands, The Darling Fire was born of struggle and deep friendships. “Jeronimo and I had a particularly difficult end of the year in 2017,” says Lindholm. “We’d been wanting to write music together for awhile, but life kept getting in the way. It almost took on a life of its own and kept pushing us to move forward, to make this into a real thing.

Looking at the band’s roster, their debut release is in many ways what you would anticipate: energetic, powerful, melodic, and heavy. However, it is far more nuanced than you’d imagine. The alluring heart-on-sleeve lyrics produce an intimate, spacey and bewitching experience. There’s an authenticity that speaks to the true cathartic nature of the project. “The album is really a celebration of dark themes and experiences that have occurred in our lives both personally and distantly,” says Short.

Choosing the right producer to bring the band’svision to life was of greatest importance. In all their discussions, there was one name that seemed appropriate for a project of this magnitude: J. Robbins. Aside from his impressive production credits, Robbins was a founding member of some of The Darling Fire’s favorite bands. The result was a strong coalescence of artistry and vision. It’s the record that five artists spent their entire careers waiting to make. “This band feels like a family,” says Lindholm, “We’re all facing the challenges of what is to come together, with eyes wide open.

The Darling Fire will release Dark Celebration on June 14th, 2019 via Spartan Records. To pre-order, please visit:

Dark Celebration Tracklisting:
  1. For the Loveless
  2. Nevertwin
  3. Omaha
  4. Catatonia
  5. Silver Spider
  6. The Constant
  7. Saints in Masquerade
  8. In Twilight

Upcoming Shows:

6/14-6/15 – New York, NY @ Arlene’s Grocery

7/20 – Palm Beach Gardens, FL @ Swampgrass Willy’s