The Criticals Are Going To “Treat Ya Better”

The Criticals are a Nashville, TN based rock band formed by Parker Forbes and Cole Shugart in 2018. They cite influences of Rolling Stones, The Strokes and The Libertines. Good news for fans of these bands, as they sound a lot like all of them. “Treat Ya Better” is their 3rd single released this year, following “Homebody” and “Kate Moss.”

Melding vintage-inspired melodies with hints of disco-age synthesizers, sonically, “Treat Ya Better” has a touch of everything. The roots of the song were written by the band’s engineer, Brandon Kelly, and quickly passed off to Forbes and Shugart, resulting in an infectious dance-rock track.

Where the first two singles were fast-paced rockers that almost sounded like homages to The Strokes, “Treat Ya Better” has a slow groove and a killer bass line. It gives you time to settle into the lyrics and realize there’s more there to these two gents.

No word on an LP release. But The Criticals are off to a fine start. We’d be thrilled to see Mr. Shugart and Mr. Forbes tackle a full-length.