“Washing Dishes” is the latest effort from Boston’s The Collect Pond. It’s 2:30 of perfect lofi pop that surely feels like it came from the late ’90s and not 2020. If it did come out last century, The Collect Pond (the moniker for Danny Moffat) surely would have received an invitation to join the Elephant Six Collective.

Moffat made his first record on a 4-track recorder in Bellingham, Washington at the age of 15. Through writing and performing, he continued his musical journey in New Zealand, Seattle, Portland (OR), New York City, and now Boston. He received positive reviews via national press in New Zealand and cracked college radio’s BFM top 10. While in New York, he was the guitarist on rapper Que Believe’s “Diamonds” and a touring guitarist for Brooklyn indie rockers It Was Romance. Moffat was a session musician for hip-hop/EDM producers Soca Rebel and Ray DaPlug at BMJ Studios. As an audio engineer, Moffat worked as an assistant recording engineer under former Passion Pit and Team Spirit member Ayad Al Adhamy at Diamond City Studios.

“Washing Dishes” can be found on the soon-to-be-released EP, In the Garden.

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