The Broken Islands Offer Atmospheric Single ‘High Life’

Fusing elements of alt-rock, spacey pop and shoegaze, The Broken Islands are an indie band who offer an almost otherworldly experience with their music. Merging colliding guitars, delicately sprinkled keyboard notes and soaring, dreamy vocals, their latest track ‘High Life’ is packed with emotion.

Eased in by tribal-like drums, the song dips into rhythmic, hip-swaying beats before it is reaching the glorious marriage of percussion and strings. Combined with Rachelle’s vocals that resonate the spacey, emotive qualities of the likes of Wolf Alice’s own Ellie Rowsell, ‘High Life’ is a certified explosive rock anthem.

Having just completed their UK tour, the band took residence at London’s famous Troubadour, the birthplace of Bob Dylan’s fame and home to a stage that has graced multiple music legends, the band are set to release their much-anticipated album ‘Masquerade’ in the new year.

Mixed and produced by Dave ‘Rave’ Ogilvie, best known for his work with industrial music titans Nine Inch Nails, Ministry and Skinny Puppy, the album promises to harness those many influences that constitute the sound of The Broken Islands.

Band co-founder Stephen Cameron points out that:

we are all multi-instrumentalists and one of the great things about being in a six-piece band is the ability to switch instruments and play different things on different songs to really makes things exciting. We love to add percussion to songs so a set of free hands usually gets a chance to pick something up and add a new sound to a track. We all have wildly varied musical references, which we believe is what makes The Broken Islands sound the way it does. It’s really great to gain insight into someone else’s perspective of a song that you might not have heard before.”