The Boy Least Likely To ‘Greatest Hits’

With bands coming and going in the modern music world at an almost hourly-rate, the release of a ‘Greatest Hits’ album is something I think should be celebrated a lot more than it is.  Still being mates.  Still wanting to make music together. Still being proud of the earlier fruits of your labour.  Kudos to The Boy Least Likely To for ticking all of these boxes.

Fifteen years on from the release of their first single and twelve years since the release of their debut album ‘The Best Party Ever’, The Boy Least Likely To are kicking off the festive season with the release of their ‘Greatest Hits’.

The band, made up of Peter Hobbs and Jof Owen, met when they were still at school and grew up together in the middle of the English countryside in the small Buckinghamshire village of Wendover.

They released their debut album ‘The Best Party Ever’ in 2005 to widespread critical acclaim, making more than its fair share of best-of lists that year. They were one of a rare breed of bands who could go from playing at SXSW in Texas to playing at the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party.

Second album ‘The Law Of The Playground’ gave birth to ‘Stringing Up Conkers’ (which went on to be featured in an Apple iPhone advert), with the band also going on to release a third studio album ‘Great Perhaps’, which included a duet with indie pop legend Gwenno called ‘Follow Your Heart Somewhere’, and ‘The Christmas Special’ in 2010.

Across the 17 songs found on this ‘Greatest Hits’, which includes a new track ‘One Of These Days’ and a cover of George Michael’s ‘Faith’, you can’t help but be caught in the tractor beam of their relentlessly moorish pop hooks.

Often laced with glockenspiel, there’s a distinctly British feel to their sound.  Simple in construction, with heart-warmingly homely lyrics, tracks like ‘Paper Cuts’, ‘When Life Gives Me Lemons I Make Lemonade’ and ‘Be Gentle With Me’ are examples of indie-pop at its very very best.