The Be Positives debut with ‘70s inspired mad-pop single ‘Monkey (Cheetah)’

THE BE POSITIVES is a northern conundrum. Consisting of Mike Seal (Guitar, Piano & Vocals), Rob Hatton (Bass & Vocals), Simon Mayne (Lead Guitar & Vocals) and Callum Darley (Drums & Vocals), they were splayed across Merseyside to Sheffield, all sharing an affinity for McCartney, Dylan, Kinks and Nick Lowe,and later, moving to Manchester, all hankering for gigging at grotty pubs across the city. Now united, the four-piece invoke mad-pop affirmation through berserk instrumentation laced with smart lyricism.   

Two of the members are also of the Slovenly Records garage-rock outfit Proto Idiot and now the dim-witted moniker makes way for the nonsensical debut from The Be Positives – ‘Monkey (Cheetah)’.

Of the same vein as fellow up-and-comers Cut Worms, filled with Lemon Twigs-esque intoxicants, the outfit’s new single ‘Monkey (Cheetah) screams 70s pop-rock. The band said “Mike and a few friends had to learn all the songs from the original ‘Jungle Book’ film for a kids party. ‘Monkey (Cheetah)’ was written around that time, and during a big Harry Nilsson binge. Monkey was a working title that stuck, and the Cheetah was a coincidence. It made perfect sense for the video to be an animation.” 

Director Callum Scott-Dyson said this about the stop-motion visual: “For the music video for ‘Monkey (Cheetah)’, we wanted to capture a lot of the fun, energy and colour of the track, and of course use the song title and stories within the lyrics as a jump off point for the plot. We decided to go with a hand drawn, cut out style of animation, in the vein of Noggin The Nog or Mr Ben, wanting a bit of a child like quality to the shots and action.”

Stream The Be Positives ‘Monkey (Cheetah)’ below, and the band drop self-titled debut 3rd December via White Zoo Records.