Teö Releases New Single ‘History’

Teö is one hell of a talented 18-year-old. Appearing out of nowhere, the Filipino born singer/producer could already be mistaken for one of the great male pop-stars of the 21st Century – Ed Sheeran, Lauv, Bieber, The Weeknd to name a few…


The young newcomer is releasing his first single History on 11 September, taken from his debut EP with the same title. The song has an ethereal, dark, yet nostalgic sound to it that promises to be a late-summer hit. This can be witnessed in the rest of the EP. 

Sonically, Teö creates music that breathes the more you listen – with sensual guitar riffs, enduring baselines and soulful, R&B-led vocal melodies. 

Speaking to the motivation behind History, Teö shares:

History is all about living in the present. Forget what’s gone before and make use of the time you spend now. Too many people dwell on things that can no longer be changed.

Teö found himself leaving the Philippines at age three as his family pursued further opportunities abroad. Thanks to this move, he was able to fall in love with music at a young age and the rest is… history. As he grew up, he had the opportunity to maintain his Filipino roots by regularly singing and performing at both family and church events, as well as community gatherings. 

At only 18 years of age, Teö is one to look out for, and his upcoming EP is set to dive deeper into the super pop / R&B crossover that he brings to the table with History

History is available on all digital platforms on 11 September 2019.