Tco Riaz Creates “Trap Reggae” with New Single “Killas”

Written, produced, and composed by Tco Riaz himself, “Killas” is a smooth record that found its way through experimenting.

Tco Riaz has been adding his innovative musical expression fro years. He has never shied away from musical evolution. Tco Riaz has transformed his music to include more Carribean styles, infusing Reggae, Afrobeat, Hip-Hop and some Calypso. The transition in styles has lead Tco Riaz to stand out and his new single “Killas” definitely shows that.

As a songwriter, Tco Riaz likes to create specific storylines that match the beat of the record. For “Killas”, the story follows a gang of marauders (Killas) riding into an unknown town to cause trouble, but they are defeated by the local vigilantes (Shotas). The characters created represent overcoming fears and breaking through obstacles in life.

Guyanese, Jamaican artist Tco Riaz has created a name for himself in music with multiple releases. Since 2005, Tco has released multiple projects and collaborated with artists such as DJ Envy, rap duo Front Page, and Queens rapper WIZE. In addition, Tco Riaz is also the founder of Blak Asylum Records in New York City.

Currently, Tco Riaz is working on releasing more tracks that feature the same innovative sound heard in “Killas”. Be sure to check him out on social media for music updates.

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