Tanaka Makoni

Tanaka Makoni Releases ‘Lust’

Ah, Tanaka Makoni, where do I start. Her new track ‘Lust’ is the delicious gem I have been craving without consciously knowing. It has a real hip hop underground vibe but yet Tanaka has the power to bring familiar flavours along to the party also.

Kicking off is a strong melody which shapes the track from the instant. We know from the get-go that it is going to provide heaps of sentiment and it does just that with the rest of the piece following suit. Vocally, Tanaka Makoni is a rising force. She has a tone which is dissimilar to the norm, and I relish her entrance to music.

Musically, ‘Lust’ stays in its own space. It has a heterogeneous structure, and it will be doubtful if you find something quite the same elsewhere in the modern hip hop haze. Also, the singer leads the way for female hip hop taking a stance which we do not see all too often. The instrument choice is probably the right one. Also, she does not delve into a complex area of sound, but I like that because it stays pure and adds more rawness. However, I believe a little more backing effect could have been advantageous, and also the intro lead could make more of an appearance in the rest of the track given how incredibly convincing it sounds.

Overall, I think I have found a new favourite track here with ‘Lust’. Also, what I love most is that Tanaka is still breaking out onto the scene; therefore it could quite easily be another one of those, ‘I heard about her before she blew up’ moments. You can take a listen to ‘Lust’ by Tanaka Makoni below.