Tali Shear

Tali Shear Hits Her Message Home With ‘Fool’

‘Fool’ is the latest ardent pop track to come out in recent times. Although, it is not often we hear one which sounds quite as pure as this one from Tali Shear who shines radiantly from the get-go.

Tali oozes confidence on this performance. Her delivery shakes and leaves you thinking on her wavelength. She sings with a transparent approach which leads us into her world of experience. Musically, the track is soft and gentle, and it flourishes a calm vibe which will take you away from the crazy times we are going through presently.

It all gets underway with a top-class piano lead which echoes with harrowing quality. From there, Tali opens up tremendously well with a performance you would only expect from this artist. But, she does take a lot of influence from many sources. I could hear plenty of similarities to other artists in the modern scene. Therefore, she may need to stand out even more unique to take off even more profoundly.

Nevertheless, she does bring a fresh approach to the genre, even while taking strong hints. Also, she has a knack for hitting the nail on the head with sharp and witty lyricism and nail-biting melodies. The highlight and real breadwinner in the track is the chorus which glides its way through effortlessly, taking no hostages with its infectious likeability and heartfelt passion.

Overall, it is a track which will cement itself deep into this genre for sure. It has a sound which we are not unfamiliar too but yet adds plenty of flavours to make it a conglomerate sensation. You can take a listen to ‘Fool’ by Tali Shear below.