Tali – Comfortable In Another Bed

A performer at heart who found her first digital acclaim through an unsuspecting remix from Hippie Sabotage, TALI’s jazzy voice and soulful finesse have already shown unlimited potential. Obsessed with lyrics and the intricate ways they can move people – traced back from her own early love for poetry, a polished yet proficient blend of contemporary pop, heyday soul, heyday jazz and lucid R&B hallmarks, the early footsteps of TALI and her heartfelt approach to the world of pop music.

Jazzy in tone but contemporary in style, “Comfortable In Another Bed” ditches the old soul stereotypes often affiliated with young artists flaunting nostalgic tendencies, instead opting to spotlight TALI as a new generation of soulful attuned pop talents geared on making her own fusion of jazz, R&B and popular pop mechanics hold weight.

“This song is about working out if you will ever be comfortable with someone – really playing with the idea that comfort is love,” explains TALI. ‘Everyone wants love, and comfort can make or break that. What I was really asking here was ‘where’s that guy who brings that comfort and makes me feel good and safe through love?’”