From extreme sports to entrepreneurship, soulful Swedish singer Yajna is not an artist to just take the easy route in life. Releasing the second addition in her trilogy of tracksFemenomenal is a truly empowering single that radiates positivity and the notion that we are so much stronger when we are working together. 

Starting her run of entrepeneurship after finding as a female snowboarder women were not represented the same as their male counterparts, Yajna began her organisation to give women a platform in extreme sports. Organising events, teaching and overall a space where women could come and take part in the sport, Yajna has been an advocate for an equality among men and women from the beginning.

Facing a trying mental health period of her life, where she was subjected to ECT and confinement, to now paving her way as a singer-songwriter, continuing to teach others in extreme sports and planning her project in Cape Town that aims to give women the opportunity and courage to start their own business, Yajna’s story is nothing short of inspirational.

Set to release the final installment of her trilogy of tracks ‘Rise Of The Phoenix’ in the near future, Yajna offers a reflection of her own personal journey from her lowest ebb to empowerment and success.

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