Swansea-based artist Eleri Angharad releases piano ballad ‘Staircase’

Eleri Angharad is a country crossover artist from Swansea, UK. On November 15th, she unveiled a cinematic video for ‘Staircase’. The track is the latest single to be officially lifted off Eleri’s 2019 debut album ‘Earthbound’. 

The song is all about falling fast and hard for someone before you even really know them – a sentiment many listeners will be familiar with; “Staircase is all about that moment you catch eyes with someone and your mind goes into overdrive imagining a whole lifetime set out. It’s about falling incredibly fast for someone and never knowing whether it’s real or all in your head”, Eleri states.

‘Staircase’ is a fantastic piano ballad. The vocals are heartfelt and powerful and the stripped back ambience showcases her songwriting skills. Shot on location at The Hyst, in the city of Swansea, the ‘Staircase’ video brings the track to life perfectly thanks to the stunning filmography from Morris James Blanco of MJ Motion Films. Speaking of the official video’s treatment, Eleri Angharad says: “For the video I wanted to go with the concept of returning to the place you met someone the next day, in broad daylight and wondering whether you dreamt it all. We filmed in The Hyst, one of my favourite home-town music venues”.

Eleri Angharad is a huge talent within the burgeoning UK country music scene and with her inaugural LP racking up thousands of streams, and several European tours already under her belt, the rising star who shares a similar vocal tone to that of Nashville TV star Clare Bowen, has the world at her feet as we enter into 2020.