Stock Footage are back with a bang

In 2014, long-time friends Jake DeRango and Tom Pilcher formed Stock Footage, an indie rock outfit with pop leanings. Based in the US, this duo built on the musical chemistry they’d established when they’d played in a rock group together prior to creating their own duo. Now preparing for their debut album, Stock Footage have released the lead single and title track ‘Broken Together’, a textured offering which layers driving horns with a hooking guitar riff and vivacious drums. 

Jake DeRango spoke to us about his new single. “Broken Together is an unconventional love song about finding someone that compliments your imperfections, the person that you feel comfortable doing nothing at all with. This was the first song I wrote after moving to Brooklyn, so it feels right that it’s the lead single and title track off of our upcoming album. The first instrument I learned how to play was trombone, and I have had the idea of incorporating horns into the songwriting for Stock Footage since starting the band. If nothing else, I hope the listener takes away that horns can be an exciting and vital part of an indie rock song.”

‘Broken Together’ refines the sound of the band’s 2015 EP ‘Nerves and Lead’, and builds on the acclaim of their 2018 release ‘Anywhere But Here’. The latter was praised by Groundsounds: “The [Anywhere But Here] EP captures a raw energy and a unique sound, leaving the listener eager to see what the future holds for Stock Footage.” And indeed we are eager to hear the upcoming LP from this promising indie-rock duo. 

Listen to their newest release here.

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