Space Babe Release ‘Goodbye To Love’

Space Babe
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Manchester Soulful Pop band Space Babe have just released ‘Goodbye To Love’. A track which has been welcomed with open hands from fans all across the world since its initial release.

The band who are certainly going from strength to strength validate their immense talent on this release. The song oozes confidence and warm guitars and catchy hooks drive this track forward. Moreover, multitalented musician, Zak Lyons from Space Babe who put the track together has delved into a new space. He has fulfilled his idea in tremendous style. Also, Nicole Battick who provides an exceptional vocal could be mistaken as being a musician with countless number one hits under her belt. Hats off to Nicole who carries an angelic vocal with huge amounts of power, power you could almost reach out and touch.

The track excites with a jazz style rhythm guitar and a grounded cavernous bass line. The instrumental compliments Nicole’s vocals perfectly and her strong vocal performance cuts through even the deepest layers of the song. Space Babe’s track concludes with a piano outro which came as a surprise due to it keeping a back seat throughout the majority of the track. The piano although short sounded extremely exquisite therefore it would be interesting to hear an alternate stripped back version of ‘Goodbye To Love’ with a piano led instrumental. 

Overall, this track has filled a space in the music industry. A space which has been longing to be filled for quite sometime. It is a truly original and authentic pop track with a memorably soulful vibe. Furthermore, if like us, you have been craving a great soul pop band then Space Babe are the band for you.

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