South London rockers The Leo Star Electric Band channel existential angst on debut track

South London garage rockers the Leo Star Electric band have released debut single ‘Soft & Gentle’

Having previously supported the likes of Melt Banana, and The Red In Sophie Loren (Dev from Blood Orange), the band channel Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth and the Melvins to create a wall of noise sound with pounding drums and angst-ridden vocals with production from Tim Cedar (Part Chimp)

The garage rockers are unafraid to tackle subjects loss on the new song, telling us “I was listening to a lot of Jesu at the time and liked the idea of a pop song that has a really oppressive feeling to it. I wanted to write an homage to my hero Bruce Lee and then when we fleshed the song out as a band the other guys kinda added their own stories; stuff about Amy Winehouse came up and we ran with it. It’s specifically an ode to Amy and Bruce Lee, two people we’ve loved and lost”.

Catch up with the band here:

Spice of Life, Soho – Aug 10th 2018

The Finsbury, Manor House – Aug 11th 2018