Elli K finds "New Life" after COVID

South Korean artist Elli K inspires “New Life” during these uncertain times

During these turbulent times, we all could use a bit of inspiration to remind us that there will be a new beginning after the pandemic. South Korean artist Elli K releases her comforting new music video for her latest single “New Life” that reminds us that the end to the chaos will come and we will all live our lives fully again. “New Life” is from Elli K’s 5-track EP, Love Collage, that is available now on all streaming platforms worldwide.

Filmed on location in Arizona and Seoul, Korea, “New Life” takes the viewers on a voyage into both of Elli’s worlds. The viewers first see Elli at home in Arizona, enjoying the day to day activities, taking a jog down a foliage-lined road. Towards the middle of the song, viewers are transported to the calm yet bustling city of Seoul, South Korea. The side by side views of Arizona and Seoul featured in the video help to remind us, we are more similar than we are different, no matter where we call home.

The sun-filled video is a glorious reminder about how life was before the global pandemic. We could come and go freely, enjoying the fresh air and warm sunshine PPE-free, and enjoy shopping and traveling without worries.

Elli K’s new music video “New Life” could not have come at a better time. The song itself has a very nostalgic and calming feel that we could all use now. And the video provides a backdrop of what life was and will be again once we get through this temporary suspension of “normal” life. In the end, the song gives us a reminder of peace, that although we’ve felt imprisoned at home, home will again be a place we will want to return to.

More about Elli K
Classically trained at a young age, Elli K expanded her repertoire to include many different genres, languages, and cultures. In over a decade, her music has captivated fans with her previous two albums, Sonnet and A Garden of Her Own. Each record includes songs in five different languages and genres ranging from traditional, to acoustic and ambient pop. Elli K has been prolific in singing and producing records. She has been featured in the soundtracks of many major films and television shows such as OCN television series Watcher (2019), SBS television series Where Stars Land (2018), and Don’t Dare to Dream (2016). Elli’s remake of “Golden Slumber”, by The Beatles, was featured in the Korean blockbuster film, Golden Slumber.

For more info: ElliKMusic.com