Soulful Rocker Bee Taylor is a Force to be Reckoned With

Bee Taylor is a Nashville based artist whose music includes the sounds of jungle marimbas, stockings around the knees lyrics, and funky get downbeats.

Nashville has become a musical paradise, bringing out some of the best artists to date. It is also the current home of songstress Bee Taylor who wows with her latest single “Who He’s Going Home With”. Bee Taylor had the chance to collaborate with Nathan Isaac and Boone Williams of Pure Gain Studio, who helped bring her musical vision to life.

One of her many new songs of 2019, “Who He’s Going Home With” is a flavorful track. With a bluesy guitar and soulful sax, Bee Taylor creates a fun infusion of rock. Her vocals stand out with a seductive deepness that is also still playful towards the lyrics.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the lyrics, Bee is candid and honest: “I wrote this song when a trick threaten to take my man after a show one night. I laughed in her face. I ain’t got time for that nonsense; he knows who keeps his bed warm at night! But it made for damn good inspiration.”

This new single is just one of many being released this year. “Who He’s Going Home With” is her fourth release so far, proceeding “Morning Sex” whose aesthetic music video, directed by Bee herself, gives off a stripped back and sweet taste of her music. Bee is on a mission to release several tracks this year while she tours around the US. Be sure to check her out on Social Media to follow the journey.

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