It takes a special chemistry for a duo performance – with the vulnerability of a solo act, a shared limelight requires compatibility and level of intimacy for both performers. NYC duo Jase & Stace provide a perfect balance, bringing together a sound that induces nostalgic throwback to 70’s style soul-pop, with a modern twist in their debut single “If I Could“. Fusing a variety of influences, their sound is both familiar yet fresh and will take you on a captivating ride of harmonic grooves.
“If I Could” provides a slowly seductive and enthralling draw, but its lyrics form a slightly darker perspective. “‘It’s about being in a relationship that is caught in a toxic loop,” reflected Jase (Jason Ewald). “You try to leave but continuously become hypnotized by this person’s charm which only seems to appear when you try to do just that.” Bright jazz-inspired guitar licks, melodic piano chords, and tasteful drum beats build, with the couple’s vocals melting together for luscious, buttery harmonics.

Both hailing from strong musical backgrounds, Jase & Stace (Stacy Werdin) first met while performing in a Brooklyn soul band. Sharing a number of musical influences and love of music from the 60’s and 70’s, the pair began collaborating and writing together. “We are both one hundred percent involved in the writing of our songs. If one of us happens to feel the fire at any particular moment, the other one will fan it and get it glowing bright.”  “If I Could” is the first song the duo wrote together, inspired by past relationships and mulling over soul-jazz records at their Brooklyn rehearsal space. It was recorded at Parcheesi Recording Studio, with engineer Bob Stander.

“If I Could” premiered on Indie Minded yesterday, and is available for stream and purchase now on Bandcamp and CDBaby. It will be made available on iTunes, Spotify and all major digital retailers in the coming week. Jase & Stace promise this piece of ear candy is only the start for them, with more tunes to come soon.

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