Someone drops psych-pop single ‘Pull It Together’

Multi-disciplinary Amsterdam artist Someone, AKA Tessa Rose Jackson, releases her new single Pull It Together via [PIAS]Recordings. A stunning slice of infectious psych-pop, equally indebted to TameImpala or early 90s French electronica pioneers Air, it is the first single taken from her upcoming new EP Orbit, the follow up to last year’s Chain Reaction EP.

Whilst the artistic undertaking around her debut EP (creating a short film for each track on the record) was already ambitious, yet delivered flawlessly via Someone’s creative drive, the project around Orbit is again nudged up a level. Tessa wants to explore the intensity with which art and music can be fused, in a way that they enhance each other fully. Hence she has created an interactive Augmented Reality exhibition that combines Someone’s psychedelic music with cutting edge technology and hypnotic art.

The exhibition will be presented in gallery spaces in AmsterdamLondonBerlin and Paris. The walls lined with abstract works of art, all using elements reminiscent of space and planets. When viewed through a tablet or phone the artworks come to life, and the song linked to that piece will start playing through the visitor’s headphones. The artworks each react differently and react to the music, dynamically building as the songs progress. They will also react to touch from the viewer on their tablet screens, allowing full interaction and immersion.

The EP uses the metaphor of orbiting planets to comment on our overstimulated generation. It suggests that in spending so much time on our phones and social media, being constantly exposed to external distractions, we are ’orbiting’ around each other and our passions, rarely actually touching, resting, focusing long enough to truly connect. In this context, the ‘Orbit’ exhibition aims to create a peaceful and focused space where the public can fully immerse themselves in Someone’s new work.

The augmented reality exhibition will run daily as part of the official ESNSART program at the ‘GalleriaUnexpected’ in in the city centre from January16th – 20thSomeone will also be performing live at the festival on January 18th.

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