Soft People drop new track ‘The Absolute Boy’

Soft People is an indie pop duo comprised of Caleb Nichols and John Metz, a married couple who live in San Luis Obispo, CA. The duo first met when Nichols, a veteran of the Oakland, CA music scene and who had recorded and toured with mid-2000s indie buzz-band Port O’Brien, recruited Metz to be the drummer of his Oakland indie band Grand Lake. Nichols and Metz started dating during their first few months as bandmates and were married several years later. Soft People is the first project that finds the pair collaborating as songwriters and producers. The band began in early 2017 as a bedroom recording project in Atlanta, Georgia. Later that year Nichols and Metz left Atlanta and relocated to their hometown of San Luis Obispo, CA, releasing their their full-length debut and playing their first shows. 2018 has seen them playing shows in the local DIY scene as well as starting Sandwich Kingdom, a tape label which releases an annual compilation of local DIY musicians and poets.

The lyrics to “The Absolute Boy” sting a little when you discover that this track is a reflection of domestic violence. Nichols (channeling his inner Peter Morén) sounds as though he were choking on his own words as he sang them, “Before you hit me, before you clipped my wings…” One can almost feel the pain in the memory of those lyrics as he utters them in a breathy and hushed whisper. The vocals cut into the listener a bit deeper than they would without context.

“The Absolute Boy” (releasing next week) is the second release for this husband & husband duo, after this summer’s “I Saw The Moon.” No word yet, as to whether there’s a full length on the way.