Frequently labelled as pop punk, the Southampton-based band Slackrr have generated a trademark sound which illustrates their heavy talent in the form of their debut album, ‘Time, It Waits For No One,’ out Friday, 14th June. Incorporating elements reminiscent of 90’s and 00’s pop punk with a multitude of dynamics from different genres, Slackrr have strongly established themselves as an up-and-coming band with something new to offer.

Photo by: Matt Forster (Thisandmatt)

Appearing on the scene in late 2017, Slackrr quickly began to make a name for themselves as a touring band around the UK. They’ve racked up over a hundred shows in less than two years, and with numerous appearances on the BBC, this can only stand as a testament to their talent and hard work.

Each track on the album is driven by captivating lyrics. The high-powered guitar riffs, compelling drum beats and cleverly-crafted harmonies all conspire to produce catchy melodies that are infectious in nature. Slackrr are also able to reveal their musical capability through the ever-shifting dynamics of the songs. From upbeat and commanding tracks in the form of ‘Same Old Story’ and ‘Breathe,’ ‘Mope’ introduces a striking change of pace, making it one of the stand-out tracks of the record. Featuring the previously released singles, ‘Closest to Perfect,’ ‘Lessons’ and ‘Lights on,’ the band have marked their strong debut which fits their unique brand of pop punk as well as giving a mere insight into the extent of their potential.

Most recently, Slackrr have been announced as one of the headline acts at this year’s Isle of Wight Festival. Catch them performing on the Platform One Stage on the Friday night: the same day the album drops!

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