Sir Ivan unveils his epic “Happy Together” Remix Package

Billboard Top 10 recording artist, Sir Ivan brings together a massive line up of talent for his latest project. Enlisting Moto Blanco, 7th Heaven, Ralphi Rosario, Bimbo Jones and DJs From Mars for remix duties on his 2009 cover, ‘Happy Together’.

Hot on the heels of the hugely successful & chart-topping remixes, ‘Get Together’ advocating tolerance & acceptance for all people. Now as we enter into a brand new decade, Sir Ivan hopes that‘Happy Together’ will continue to spread his message of love – bringing more unity and peace throughout the global community.

Sir Ivan comments on his decision to remake the widely acclaimed, #1 hit song originally released in 1967 by The Turtles, as it now takes up centre stage in 2020:

“I chose ‘Happy Together’ because it is one of my favourite songs from the 60’s. The lyrics are so simple, yet so powerful. There is this momentum that builds throughout the song, until the melody bursts with energy and harmonies, creating instant happiness for all within listening distance.”

Of the five producers chosen to remix this song – three previously worked Sir Ivan on his other releases created incredible remixes for. DJs from Mars lent their magic on remixes for ‘Love Is All Around Me’ and ‘Live For Today’Ralphi Rosario did stellar remixes on ‘Kiss All the Bullies Goodbye’, and ‘La La Land’, and 7th Heaven created an amazing Top 40 radio remix for ‘Imagine’, and ‘I Am Peaceman’. As for the super talented Bimbo Jones and Moto Blanco, always on Sir Ivan‘s short list of artists he wished to collaborate with and now feels like the perfect time.

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