Siobhan Heard Explores Love, Grief & Courage On The Heart-Beats: Vol. I EP

Siobhan Heard continues to offer an emotionally stunning exploration of love, grief and courage with the release of her Heart-Beats: Vol. 1 EP. Listen to it here.

The EP is a complex and beautifully handled collection that tackles Siobhan Heard”s experience of grieving the unexpected death of her romantic and musical partner Samantha Purple. The tone of the record reflects personal toughness and defiance in the face of deep heartache. The six song collection is an exploration of the grieving process after losing someone so close to her heart. It moves from grief to fear to finding inner-strength, all with the notion that triumph and a beautiful understanding can be found in loss.

Defining Siobhan Heard’s music is not easy; there is no catch-all term that encompasses the inventive future R&B arrangements, silky smooth vocal delivery and heart-wrenching lyrical depth. Siobhan’s music is so instantly relatable because she writes as if talking directly to the subject and delivers each line with a simple honesty that leaves the stark phrases of “Missed Call” feeling as if they’re hanging in mid air.

Sorry I missed your call, I was busy. Now I don’t get to say “Hey, how was your day”

Heart-Beats: Vol. 1. follows the single releases of  “Beating Not Broken” as well as “Missed Call” and it’s stunning animated video.

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