LA-raised, North-Carolina based singer/songwriter, Eliza Spear, today released her newest single “There Has To Be More”.

The track was produced by Kyle Burke, with Dan Conley on the keys and Satarra on the bass. Eliza co-wrote the track with J’Chelle Healy.

The track is inspired by Eliza’s experience feeling trapped in LA. The track showcases Eliza’s impressive vocal range. Her voice soars over what starts off as a simple and delicate piano arrangement. Then soon crescendo’s into a powerful ballad featuring crashing drums and masterfully played bass.

During a gap year between high school and college, Eliza spent her time playing gigs all around LA and writing music. During this time that she began really honing her craft and understanding herself as an artist. This is when she started developing her classic rock-pop-twangy sound. Inspired by great musicians such as Joni Mitchell and Fleetwood Mac, her music speaks truths about coming of age, young love, and discovering who you are.

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