Shreya Preeti drops new track “Cherry Blossom”

Shreya Preeti has released her new single “Cherry Blossom” just in time for Spring. Inspired by the cherry blossom season in Japan, Shreya wants to let her listeners know that it’s their time to bloom and show the world all that they have to offer. For those that need a reason to get out of bed, this song is the perfect pick-me-up that strives to be a glimmer of hope to those that are stuck in constraints of life. “Cherry Blossom” is a must-have single for your spring playlist! 

“Cherry Blossom” is a track that you will find yourself playing in the car as you imagine yourself driving away and leaving behind all of the troubles in your life. This feel-good song speaks to the soul with its sweet vocals and uplifting lyrics. Although change can be intimidating, Shreya hopes to inspire those that are ready to make that change in their lives. An anthem for those that just need that extra push when it comes to taking that first step. 

“Cherry Blossom” is Shreya Preeti’s second single of 2020, the first being her charming “Upside Down.” Inspired by Prince’s “I Wanna Be Your Lover” and Dua Lipa’s “IDGAF.”

From paying homage to her South Indian roots by learning classical Carnatic music as a child to singing Pop music in a cappella while in college, Shreya Preeti has never shied away from her vocal abilities. Preeti shows she is unafraid to step outside of the confines of mainstream Pop music through her releases, which range from a true showcase of her vocals on a cover of Lenny Kravitz’s, “Lady,” to an 80’s inspired “Think I’d Like To Be You,” where Preeti shares her true feelings about comparison and competition. Drawing equal influence from classic Pop legends like Prince, Diana Ross, and Chaka Khan, to current Pop dominators like Dua Lipa and Ariana Grande, Preeti successfully presents music that may not be bubblegum Pop, but consistently tastes just as sweet.

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