Shenna looks back at “Blue Memories,” New Single on Depression

Syrian-American pop artist Shenna returns with latest single “Blue Memories” a track off of her upcoming EP under the same name. This time being more open about her thoughts on the music industry.

“Blue Memories” is a dark-pop ballad on fighting your inner demons. More specifically, this single tackles false-identities and pressures presented by the music industry. “For a lot of artists they will change their identities in order to get attention for their career rather than the music itself.”

This track begins with a light fingerpicking, blissful horns, creating a state of peace only to be jolted by a down-tempo heavy guitar strum that offers a robust and engaging production. Reminiscent of her past singles, “Blue Memories” lets us see how far she’s come, while still crafting a new energy that keeps us interested.

Her previous single, “Confident” also carried this heavy sound, but with new found grace and simply put “confidence.” “Blue Memories” juxtaposes her previous release and connects herself to her fans, understanding that anyone can struggle with mental health.

Her upcoming project Blue Memories will tackle depression in a broader lens. With songs like “Conversation” and “Hope You’re Happy” the EP is full of engaging singles that will show a new dynamic to Shenna’s already distinct sound.

Stream The Single Below: