Photo: Ryan Hartford

Sex People Want To Take You To Their “Sanctuary City”

The story of Sex People begins with a sixth-generation Southern Californian named Knarfy. After two failed several yearlong monogamous romances, Knarfy began to dabble in all that the seedy underbelly of LA had to offer. He discovered himself to be polysexual, with a unique taste for every category.

One year before work began on Cal-Island, Knarfy’s mother suddenly passed away. After a year of grieving and celibacy Knarfy, met F.I.T., a Nigerian born hip-hop artist. FIT had spent the last five years of his life traveling across the world to Los Angeles in search of a slice of the American dream. Together they formed the group Sex People and slowly started bringing various singers, musicians, and artists into the fold.

First single is the delicious “Sanctuary City.” Where the hell is this city? Because right now, that’s the only place I want to be. The opening is very playful–full of wonder, fascination, and a hint of mischief evidenced by a child cackling in the intro. It’s a feel-good tune with gritty and metallic vocals, which, when combined with the other synthy sounds in this track melts into the sickeningly sweet and sticky appeal of this group. Yes, let’s go to Sanctuary City.

Cal-Island is a dream like story that follows our three characters on a journey to find true love in a world of promiscuity and fleeting erotic encounters. It takes place in Southern California in the not so distant future. The characters are the outsiders of society, the rebels, the politically incorrect. On their journey to escape oppression, together they confront love, sex, and life in the modern United States.

Photo: Ryan Hartford