Sex People by Kilo Alexander
Sex People by Kilo Alexander

Sex People “Sling Slang”

When we first encountered Los Angeles outfit, Sex People, I remember thinking that their name and press photos brought to mind a crazy sound. But when we listened to “Sanctuary City”, it was a lovely song that sounded nothing like the image projected.

Well, that may have just been a fluke. Today, we’re presented their new single “Sling Slang” and it’s as wicked as they come. Comprised of queer singer/songwriter, Knarfy, Nigerian born vocalist F.I.T., LA native multi-instrumentalist Al Dubon, and guest star vocalist Anna Christense, Sex People are going to shock you in the most delirious of ways.

“Sling Slang” is about a person living in a world of drugs and sex wanting to become better and ultimately finding solace in community. The video (directed by Michael Basta and Knarfy) shows this idea by using clichés such as a Peeping Tom and a Cam Girl, to depict people interacting with sex in a questionable way that leaves them feeling isolated and wanting. After seeing all the different sexual scenarios, the Peeping Tom finds someone just as isolated and confused as he is but in a totally different way, the Cam Girl. They see themselves in one another and by shedding their individual vices they can connect not only with each another, but with all the people they had felt detached from before and society as a whole. 

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